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Xi an Haixiang electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd




Address:No. 18, Taoyuan West Road, Xi an, Shaanxi

Xi,an Haixiang electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an industrial company specializing in the design and manufacture of complete sets of equipment and electrical control for medium frequency induction furnaces. It is a high-tech enterprise with development potential.

Our products are mainly ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting, heating, heat treatment (quenching, brazing elbow, sintering) and industrial automation process services. The equipment is 25kw-8000kw, frequency 50-80khz and capacity 1kg-50t. The company pays attention to the improvement of product quality and the novel design of appearance. We have many technical talents with professional knowledge and many years of practical experience, and many sets of equipment have been applied in casting, forging, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, weapon industry, automobile and locomotive Petroleum steel pipe (petroleum drill pipe, drill collar heat treatment, pipe end thickening and heating of drill pipe, welding preheating of wear-resistant belt, elbow heating, anti-corrosion coating heating of gas (oil) pipeline) and other industries.

Product positioning: on the basis of hot mature technology, all innovative measures are completely determined by customer needs, and products and services approved by customers are made. The process from customer consultation to specific reply is fast, objective, without delay, and Z feasible solutions are made.

In terms of service: we can consider it more carefully than users. For each user, we are equipped with full-time engineers to track the service. We always consider the practicality and potential value of our products (services) to customers.